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Si Lim Tao Real Learning Course

The ideal way to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu -FAST


Why Learn Wing Chun? To live a better life.

Wing Chun is transforming and life-changing. I’ve dedicated my life to mastering this powerful martial art and now I invite you to learn with me.

The Magic of Wing Chun

What made Bruce Lee so special?

I think a big reason was that his martial art foundation was Wing Chun. There are so many principles of Wing Chun Bruce Lee personifies; thoughtfulness, commitment to achieving the maximum potential of the human body, possessing inner calmness and serenity, being able to innovate and adapt the fighting arts, striving to be the best possible version of you.

The inspiring Ip Man trilogy (and awaited 4th film) continue to wow us with outstanding martial art choreography, but there may be more than a grain of truth in the magical aspect of these films too. It might seem that the Ip Man of the films has a martial art superhero power that defies all logic, but what if a little of that magical skill could actually be learned?

My fast track Wing Chun course gives you a high return on your investment

It’s true, most of us are time poor, so our most pressing issue should be – how can we make the most difference with the time we have?

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver.

When it comes to investing in our physical training, we should also be asking, how can we get the most bang for our buck?

The secret is not to spread ourselves too thin. It’s not necessary for us to run, lift weights, be gymnasts, know Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, and spend some years in a monastery living as a Buddhist monk, in order to achieve good health, physical strength, confidence in our ability to defend ourselves, and peace of mind.

Wouldn’t it be wiser to choose just one skill, and learn to master it?  One unique skill, which offers you the greatest  benefits of all the others? Wing Chun has given me more back than I ever expected, and repaid my investment of time, energy, and money, many times over. Along the road to mastery, I have had to overcome many hurdles and I have learned a lot from my experiences. Because of this, and because of my passion for Wing Chun, I decided to develop my own training system, to help new learners bypass some of my struggles.

I have used what I learned to formulate  a unique system that will help you achieve more in Wing Chun, faster. A system that will help you go deeper and learn quicker – making every second of your training time count. Learn from me, and I guarantee you’ll avoid much of the heartache and frustration I’ve suffered. I’ll teach you authentic technique, so you deepen your understanding of Wing Chun, and are able to quickly apply that knowledge.

You’ll feel empowered to innovate and develop your own fighting style, as you grow more confident in the movements and they become second nature to you.

My ultimate aim is for everyone learning with me to gain as much mastery in Wing Chun as I have. But I would absolutely love it and be so proud to see you go even further than me!
I’m offering you my training in easy-to-learn stages, with one course for each of the forms Si Lim Tao, Chum Kiu, and Biu Jee. There’s also a separate course series for mastering Wooden Dummy form.

If you’re interested in becoming an instructor, you should join my special instructor programme. By teaching Wing Chun, you will quickly reach an even deeper understanding, and by following this path, I promise Wing Chun will soon become a major focus giving enormous benefits in all aspects of your life.

What’s Included in the course?

  • 10 easy to understand high quality video lessons – split into Theory and Practise
  • Course format optimised for FAST online learning
  • Detailed explanation of all movements – so you gain a true understanding – right from the start
  • Online learning format using premium video content, makes it easy to replay, and repeat the movements – helping you achieve mastery much faster
  • Exclusive access to my private members only Facebook Forum for further discussion
  • I will personally review your form – just send me a clip of your technique
  • Ask me anything you want – anytime

Who Is ‘Si Lim Tao Real Learning’ For?

The Thinker

Are you into meditation? Do you often ponder the deep and meaningful? If so, Wing Chun is for you. Just as amazing as the meaning of existence and the infinite mystery of the galaxies, is the ability to harness the blistering power of the human skeleton and understand how to work with the physics of its structure. There will be a lot of self-development within your personal Wing Chun journey. Once you have learnt the forms, you will begin to discover new aspects and effects of Wing Chun for yourself. This is what will supercharge your learning, empowering you to go further, and develop your own technique.

The Fighter

Do you accept that there are times where you just have to fight? Until we reach a higher level of respect for each other, there will always be a small but real risk of physical danger from someone that means you harm. Do you already have the mindset that you will get yourself out of trouble if you need to? If so, then Wing Chun will be for you. The mindset to cultivate is that 'I am going to inflict damage on the person attacking me, unflinching, disabling, and fast, to end this fight as quickly as possible so I can escape'.

The Busy but Desperate to be a Martial Artist

If you’re short on time, but are still keen to learn a martial art, then Wing Chun is definitely for you. Because it’s uniquely suited to the average physique, you do not need to wait for your body to get into peak shape before you start learning. Wing Chun works with whatever nature has given you, so it’s possible to jump straight in and make accelerated progress, right away. If it’s your ambition to learn an effective martial art, Wing Chun is the martial art for you, and this course should be your first stop on your journey to mastery.

My promise to you

With this course you will get into the fast lane on your Wing Chun journey.
Si Lim Tao is considered to contain 70% of the knowledge of Wing Chun. You will learn the essential movements within weeks and feel the effects and energy of Wing Chun in an even faster timeframe.

Famous Wing Chun practitioners have become absorbed with Si Lim Tao, reaching an ever-deeper understanding through their lifetime. The movements will train your all of your body, sharpen your mind and reflexes, and hone your fighting skill.

Practice as much as you can. The more often you do the form (for example 20 times a day) the more benefit you will see. Practice of the forms is very calming and is an effective and powerful way to meditate, as you focus your mind on moving your body.


30 days no quibble guarantee reassuring

Yes there’s a watertight, no questions asked money-back guarantee. Just send me an email.

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